43% of the GOP Want Trump to Have the Power to Shutdown the Media

It appears that President Donald Trump's talk about the media being a "enemy of the people" is working. 

Freedom of the press may be guaranteed in the Constitution.

But in a new poll, 43% of Republicans want to give President Trump the authority to close down certain news outlets.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos and provided to The Daily Beast.

The findings present a sobering picture for the fourth estate, with respondents showing diminished trust in the media and increased support for punitive measures against its members.

They also illustrate the extent to which Trump’s anti-press drumbeat has shaped public opinion about the role the media plays in covering his administration.

The reality is that most of this can be blamed on cable news and their ongoing cheerleading or slamming of Trump. 

The bigger problem is that viewers really do not distinguish a difference from cable news and objective Journalists doing their job. As much as we can place a blame on Trump, and let's be honest he deserves a lot of it, you can also blame Brian Stelter, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow and many others in cable news. 

In the poll, 48% of the GOP said they believed “the news media is the enemy of the American people” (just 28 percent disagreed) while nearly four out of every five (79 percent) said that they believed “the mainstream media treats President Trump unfairly.”

These numbers should scare the hell out of people working in the media. This is what your viewers think, this is the perception that you now have to overcome. This is the corner that President Trump and cable news have painted you in and to be honest, I'm not sure how to get out.