I'm Sorry...


I say it everyday, everyone makes mistakes and when you do so, you should admit to them. 

Often in this business, people's egos get in the way and they never want to admit when they fuck up. 

Well, I want to admit to fucking up and say to LA Anchor Lisa McRee that I am truly sorry. 

Yesterday, FTVLive posted a story that former Good Morning America Anchor Lisa McRee has landed a job at Spectrum News in LA, a cable news start up in the LA area. 

McRee had been working at LA's Fox O&O and we reported that she was hired at Spectrum News.

That is true and our facts on the story were completely correct. But, we took an undeserved shot at McRee for the move and for that we are sorry. 

We knocked the fact that a one time Good Morning America Anchor was now going to work at a cable start up in LA.

Often times I'm asked for advice from people in this business and many times I tell those people the same thing. I say, don't worry about moving to bigger markets or bigger stations if you are happy where you are. It can be more fun being a big fish in a small pond, than a minnow in the ocean. 

McRee seems very happy with her move to Spectrum News and we took a shot at her for making it. 

That was not fair and it goes against our very own advice. 

We hope to talk to Lisa over the next day or two and let her tells us about her move and why she is excited to make it. 

Everyone of us makes mistakes. When you do, stand up admit it, swallow your pride and say you're sorry. 

That is what we are doing now.....Sorry Lisa.