Florida Stations Drop the Ball on Primary Night

"Never underestimate the underdog" is a longtime saying in sports and it should hold true for politics as well. 

But, that is exactly what many Florida stations did on Primary Night and it cost them. 

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum was running in the Democratic Primary for Governor and most Florida news outlets did not give him a chance of winning. 

Gillum set up his campaign headquarters in Tallahassee and many stations across the state did not send a crew to cover him. 

And guess what?

He won and stations across the state were scrambling to play catch up on a story that they dropped the ball on. 

No West Palm Beach stations sent a crew, no Jacksonville stations did either. WFTV the No. 1 station in Orlando wasn't there and either were a number of Tampa stations. Only two Miami stations had crew at the Gillum watch party, while the others ignored the candidate. 

Back in the day, news crews were sent to cover every candidate, even those that did not have any shot. Now, it's more about the budget than the news coverage and many stations thought they could save the expense on a trip to Tallahassee to cover Gillum, who they figured didn't have a shot. 

Well the underdog won and many Florida stations had egg on their face at the end of the night. 

We're guessing that in November, they all just might have a crew in Tallahassee. 

Stay tuned...