Ambulance Company Demands Apology from Denver Station

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3 days ago, FTVLive told you how Denver's KMGH did about a story about a kid that was hit by a car and how ambulance crew near the scene seemed to ignore it and drive right by. 

But, dispatch recordings showed that the crew was looking for the scene, but missed it the first time by. 

Now, Northglenn Ambulance, the ambulance company cited in the story wants KMGH to issue and apology for what they claimed was inaccurate reporting and rushing a story to air. 

This is the statement from the company, directed at KMGH:

On Friday August 24th, 2018 Denver Channel 7 News reported that Northglenn Ambulance failed to initiate a response to a reported auto pedestrian accident which occurred on August 23rd. The story was updated again on Sunday August 26th stating that Northglenn Ambulance did in fact arrive on scene but failed to show a sense of urgency. Northglenn Ambulance management opened an investigation into the matter upon notification. Our team interviewed all crew members involved, reviewed the incident, audio and video, and completed an appropriateness test.

Our assessment has concluded that the Northglenn Ambulance Crew Members involved in this report acted with urgency and were completely appropriate in their actions.

The crew was notified at 18:01:22 by the bystander. That conversation lasted 22-seconds. The bystander stated the boy was hit in the crosswalk at the corner of Leetsdale and Quebec (which was not the correct location). The crew proceeded to contact Denver EMS Dispatch while simultaneously looking for the incident. ALL TRAFFIC (6 lanes at rush hour) was proceeding through the intersection normally (and past the injured party). The ambulance crew was scanning the area for anybody close to the injured party. By 18:03:04 the ambulance crew stopped an individual on the corner at Leetsdale and Quebec and asked if she knew where the incident was. She replied NO. The intersection was clear of any pedestrian accidents. The ambulance crew continued searching the area and communicating with Denver Dispatch for additional location information. The ambulance crew finally located the individual west of the Intersection approximately 1 block away and was on scene with the patient at 18:05:11.

From the time of first contact until the time our crew arrived on scene with the patient was 3 minutes and 49 seconds. Of this response time a full 22-seconds were spent listening to the bystander trying to get a better location of the patient.

The crew quickly prioritized the auto vs. pedestrian accident as a need to divert from their previous assignment.

Northglenn Ambulance management was not allowed the time to investigate this story properly before it aired. Northglenn Ambulance has reached out to Channel 7 requesting a full on air and written apology for the inaccurate and defaming information in this story from the Channel 7 News director.

Rick Lindsey, CEO

H/T Slatter911