Not Giving the Full Story

Denver's KMGH did a story that likely left viewers raging mad. 

Two kids were crossing the road when one of the boys was struck by a car. A man ran up to an ambulance that was yards from the scene and told them about the boy that looked to be in bad shape. 

According to KMGH, the ambulance just drove by the injured boy and left him there. 

Now, is that enough to get you pissed off. 

You can watch the story below, but then keep reading to get the rest of the story: 

Now go to this Facebook post of the audio between the ambulance that was near the scene and dispatch. 

The ambulance crew did not blow off the kid down, they just didn't see the kid as they drove through the intersection. The ambulance radioed into dispatch to report the accident and then tried to locate the kid. 

They ended up doing a U-Turn and found the scene the second time by. 

Even in the KMGH story, you see the cellphone video, but you never see the injured kid either. 

Now, KMGH went with the story they had, but if someone would have reached out to the ambulance crew that was on scene they would have seen it was a misunderstanding. 

I looked at KMGH's website and I could not find and update or a correction to the story. If they did one, it sure is buried on their site somewhere. 

But, after getting the full story, I think the ambulance workers and company deserves that. 

Don't you?

H/T Slatter911