Anchor Fight Club


Yesterday, FTVLive told you FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that that two Anchors from WSAZ in Charleston, WV got into an altercation at a local bar. 

Anchor Erica Bivens (top) and Weather Anchor Chelsea Ambriz (Bottom) got into the altercation and it ended up sending Bivens to the hospital and will likely will be sending Ambriz to court. 

Making matters worse is the two work on the same show together, the 4PM newscast. 

The Gray station has remained very tight lipped and was hoping that none of this would get out. So much for transparency. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Bivens suffered a fractured skull and has experienced hearing problems out of her left ear. 

One source tells FTVLIve that Ambriz is telling people that she has been suspended. 

FTVLive has EXCLUSIVELY obtained the 4 page police report about the incident. In the report, the officer is recommending a summons be issued to Ambriz for her role in the incident. 

The officer also advised Bivens to get a personal protective order against Ambriz. That should make watching the 4PM newscast a bit more interesting.

Here is a portion of the report, obtained by FTVLive: