Anchors Get Into Bar Fight (Updated X2)

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Most often when TV Anchors get into a fight, it's more of an argument over the hairspray in the makeup room, or which Anchor got more face time on the newscast. 

But, sources tell FTVLive that two Anchors from WSAZ in Charleston, WV, got into a real fist throwing fight. 

Word is that Anchor Erica Bivens (top) and Weather Anchor Chelsea Ambriz (Bottom) got into a fight at a local bar. 

The two Anchor the 4PM newscast on the station and sources say that they attended...get event to help end domestic violence against women called "Girls Night Out"! 

Witnesses say it started as an argument, turned into a shoving match and then fists were flying. Word is that Bivens took quite a shot and had to be helped out of the bar. 

Police are investigating, but say they are still interviewing the two along with witnesses. FTVLive is efforting to get the police report. 

Both Anchor's bios are still listed on the Gray station's website, but sources tell FTVLive neither one has been back on the air. 

This should be a lesson to you all out there. You never get into a bar fight with one of your co-anchors unless it's in a ratings period.

The other rule of Anchor Fight you don't talk about Anchor Fight Club. 

Updated: Sources tell FTVLive that Ambriz is off the air at least until the end of the week. Another source tells FTVLIve that Ambriz was clearly the aggressor in the fight and that Bivens has suffered a fracture skull and has filed a report with the police and wants to press charges.

Witnesses tell FTVLive that the fight started with Ambriz acting "inappropriately" towards Bivens husband. 

Update 2: Word is that Charges have now been filed against Ambriz.