Weather Anchor is Building Two Dreams at the Same Time

KRQE’s (Albuquerque, NM) Chief Weatherman, Mark Ronchetti was looking to build a house on top of a mountain and he has pitched it as an idea to his station to turn it into a show. 

Ronchetti is not being paid to do the show, but it is hoping to use as a pilot to lead to possibly a series that he could sell.

Think TV Weatherman, turns into the next Chip Gains. 

In reality it is a win, win.

While Ronchetti is getting his dream home, the station has gets a home show for next to nothing.

Anyone that watches TV knows that the these kind of shows are the "it" thing on cable TV. 

Ronchetti says he is paying full boat for the house, but he admits if he can turn this pilot in a series, he can make money off it.  

Here is the teaser for the TV show:

When it comes to home building shows, the station seems they had no problem finding sponsors ready to step up. 

Note: An earlier version of this story made it looks like Ronchetti was making off with a lower price house. He's not...he's paying full cost to build his dream home and getting no extra pay from the station to do this show. 

He is hoping that maybe just maybe, someone will like his idea and it will grow into something maybe bigger. 

Stay tuned and we will keep you posted.