This Says it All


Isha Sesay was an Anchor at CNN. 

She worked as the newsreader on Anderson Cooper's show, she had a show on HLN and most recently worked at CNN Los Angeles. 

But now she has quit CNN and her reason will not surprise you in the very least. In fact, the only thing that surprises us, is that more people at CNN have not quit for this very same reason. 

“It’s all so Trump-focused,” she explains. “He sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. The media is following that lead to the exclusion of almost everything else, in a meaningful way. For me, personally, it’s not what I want to spend all my time doing.” There is so much else going on in the world and you can feel Sesay’s frustration that it’s not being covered. “After a while, I want to do more coverage of the Ebola outbreak, of the elections in Liberia, or any number of things that are happening. I’m ready to take control of what I’m talking about.”

And for her, the focus will be Africa. 

“I want to put a focus on Africa in the way I wish all international media would cover Africa,” she says. “Now it’s either underreported or not reported with the right nuance and context. I’m going to turn my attention to being one in this new army of people who are moving into this space, who are representing Africa in a new way.”

She adds, “For me, it’s been wonderful, it’s been a wonderful time doing what I’ve done — I’m ready to have the freedom to do the stories I want. I’m ready to have a little bit more autonomy and lead my own life."

Good for her. 

H/T What We See