Life After TV News

Longtime Anchor Roxanne Stein signed off from Scripps owned WPTV (West Palm Beach) last Spring. 

So what is life like after TV news? 

She is now the president of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce. Wellington is in one of the rich areas of south Florida. 

The Palm Beach Post says that Willington’s mayor is a woman, the chamber’s more than 400 members are younger and more of them are female than a decade ago, and Stein found herself saying yes when the opportunity arose.

“It’s a nice trend, isn’t it?” she said. “More and more women are getting out of school and going into business and getting to the top of the food chain and not staying in the middle ranks. They’re saying I can do this on my own, I can open my own business.”

As Stein writes in her welcoming message on the chamber’s website, “We emphasize what makes Wellington stand out from other communities in order bring a competitive advantage to Wellington merchants.”

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