ESPN Being Sued.....again

Former ESPN talent Adrienne Lawrence has filed a sexual harassment suit against ESPN and she has hired a new legal team to fight the sports giant. 

Claims have been made against ESPN that depicts the network as a hostile work environment for women. 

Lawrence echos the claims and has now hired the Wigdor Law Firm to represent her in her suit against ESPN. 

“Ms. Lawrence continues to face harassment and retaliation as she seeks justice through our court system.  Not surprisingly, ESPN has hired big firm lawyers who have attempted to bully and intimidate Ms. Lawrence and her prior attorneys.   Ms. Lawrence will not be bullied or intimidated, and neither will we.  We look forward to the opportunity to vindicate Ms. Lawrence and all other women at ESPN who have been subjected to the same treatment.  We intend to amend Ms. Lawrence’s lawsuit and convert it into a class action in order to hold ESPN and its executives accountable for the totality of their discriminatory and retaliatory conduct,” said  Jeanne M. Christensen and Michael J. Willemin, Partners at Wigdor LLP in a statement.