Complete B.S.

Each month CNN likes to crow about the fact that more people watch video on their website than on any other news website. 

Here is a screenshot of the video numbers that CNN claims for last month. 


What CNN doesn't tell you that if you go to their website on a desktop, the video starts autoplaying whether you click on it or not. So of course you're going to have more views when you force the video on the person. 

None of the other websites that CNN lists on their press release autoplay videos. 

This is complete bullshit and they know it, yet that keep crowing about it. 


In fact, the truth of the matter is Fox News website has passed CNN when it comes to views. The CNN claim above is for video starts, which theirs starts automatically when you load a page on the CNN site. 

Last month outperformed CNN Brand in total number of page views for the first time ever, according to July 2018 comScore data.

Fox's site delivered 1.5 billion multi-platform views over CNN Brand’s 1.4 billion views.

Additionally, beat in the total number of page views (1,455,000,000 versus 1,219,000,000), marking the fourth consecutive month FNC has outpaced CNN in the category. 

CNN can claim No. 1 when it comes to video plays, but they have to fudge the system to do it.