Sources: Two News Managers Sacked in Cleveland

4 days ago, FTVLive showed you the body cam video from Newburgh Heights (Ohio) Police Chief John Majoy as he confronted a news crew from WEWS in Cleveland for showing up to the house of a rape victim. 

Sources now tell FTVLive that two news managers at WEWS have lost their job over the incident. 

WEWS sources tell FTVLive that the two people that the Reporter named on the body cam footage were those that got the axe. 

While FTVLive does not know the entire back story of the incident, it seems harsh that two lost their job over this. It appears that the news crew showed up at the house of an alleged rape victim in their pursuit of the story. 

No one in TV news wants to knock on that door, but sometimes that is your job. In all my years in news, I have knocked on the doors of the family that had a loved one killed, victims of a crime and even the doors of suspects in murder cases. 

It's not a knock you want to make, but it is your job to get the story. 

I don't know the full details of this case in Cleveland and I have no clue if the proper procedure was followed before the crew showed up at the house? 

But, according to sources, two people have now been fired in the incident and since WEWS owner Scripps will likely never talk about it, we will not know what truly happened and why these people were fired? 

Jeff Harris is the News Director at WEWS and he is soon leaving the station to take over the ND job at CBS O&O WBBM in Chicago. 

If you have not seen the body cam footage of the incident, here it is again: