This is What Small Markets are For


Two Reporters that work for KYMA (Yuma) have been suspended for misrepresenting themselves to get inside the Yuma Sector Border Patrol’s Centralized Processing Center, where migrant children are being held.

The Journalists tried to tell Border Patrol that they were there as translators. 

While most Journalist know that you should never misidentify yourself to gain access to a secure facility, obviously these Reporters did not. 

KYMA has suspended the two and is conducting an internal investigation. 

The station also went on air, reported what happened and made a public apology. 

In other words, this was a bad situation that was handled very well by the station. They remained up front and honest and took action against the two Reporters.

Yuma is the 166th market and this is where mistakes like this should happen. Yes, the Reporters were wrong and yes, they should have known better. But, it's a small market and this is where you are supposed to make dumb mistakes. 

The two have been suspended and let's hope that is where it ends. Obviously, the Reporters were overly aggressive in trying to pursue an important story and they deserve to be suspended. If this happened in a larger market like Phoenix or Tucson, they two should have been fired. 

But, this is market 166.

Suspension is the correct reprimand for them and this is where it should end. It is very likely that both of these Reporters have learned from the incident and will never make this mistake again. 

And this is also why people should cut their teeth in small markets. It is there that you learn and you are afforded a few mistakes. 

The station handled this incident very well both on air and off and here is hoping that they don't take another step by firing these two. 

Lesson learned...