Seriously?! Do You Not Think?

The wildfires in California have killed people and caused millions of dollars in damage. It is just awful as what is happening out there. 

While many Journalists are doing a great job of covering the story and giving viewers the information they need, for some it's just a chance for another selfie. 

Angelica Lei Lani is a Reporter at Nexstar's KSEE/KGPE in Fresno. She has been covering the Ferguson Fire which sadly took the life of a firefighter battling the blaze. 

Just a couple of days after covered the procession of the firefighter that was killed, she posted these selfies to her snapchat: 


Yes, for her, "reporting at it's finest" includes using the "bear filter" because you are in Yosemite National Park. Really?

But she wasn't done: 


Covering a deadly wildfire is not the time or place for selfies and adding the filters just makes it worse. 

Can someone just cover the story, not make it about them and just do your damn job? 

This is disgusting!