The Show That No One Watches or Will Watch

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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that Facebook is dying a slow death. 

Check with your kids, if you don't believe me. 

At one point Facebook was the darling of social media, now it is just for the old people to go on and rant about politics. 

But, for some reason CNN thinks it might still be a thing and the network launched a new show on Facebook, featuring Anderson Cooper. 

This week, the network launched “Anderson Cooper Full Circle,” on Facebook Watch (whatever that is?).

“We’ve never done anything like this broadcast before,” Anderson acknowledged to his audience as an intro to the new show. “I really see this as a way to have a conversation with you before and during the broadcast.”

The New York Post writes that Facebook’s supposed YouTube killer has attracted disappointing audience numbers so far per a report from The Information.

Maybe that can change a bit thanks to efforts like Cooper's show. 

But, in reality, look for Cooper to grow tired of doing a show on Facebook that no one will watch and for it to quietly go away. 

I know you old folks think Facebook is still a thing, but trust us, it's not.