CNN Anchor Wore Diaper while Conducting and Interview


CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow says that she had to wear a diaper while interviewing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Harlow opened up about juggling both the news cycle and her pregnancy — which she says involved wearing an adult diaper while talking to Ginsburg  just days after giving birth.

Just five days after giving birth, Harlow was scheduled to interview the Supreme Court justice — an opportunity she couldn't turn down regardless of timing.

Harlow thus took to the stage at Columbia University to interview Ginsburg, 85, while still physically recovering from labor.

'But here's the crazy thing,' she told Cosmopolitan as she recounted the moment.

'I'm sitting on the stage, interviewing Ruth Bader Ginsburg — and wearing a diaper. 

'Any woman who has had a baby will understand this. You have to wear, like, Depends after the baby is born.'

I think Brian Stelter does the same thing each time he interviews David Zurawik. 

Just saying....