Stiffing Bill O'Reilly

When President Trump announced his Supreme Court pick, Bill O'Reilly thought it would be a great idea to have on Trump Cheerleader Jeanine Pirro on his online news show. 

O'Reilly, who was fired from Fox News, now does a show with a lot less viewers on his self titeled website.

Bill O told his subscribers that his former colleague Jeanine Pirro would be appearing on his Tuesday night show to discuss the new Supreme Court pick.

"Of course tomorrow, we've got Judge Pirro, Jeanine Pirro, who's going to weigh in on the situation right here," O'Reilly said on his Monday show. He repeated the tease in his "message of the day" Tuesday, saying, "Tuesday on the No Spin News beginning at 7 eastern, we’ll analyze the Kavanaugh selection with Judge Jeanine Pirro."

But, Pirro never showed and many think that her employers at Fox News told her not to do O'Reilly's show. 

Her absence was not mentioned during O'Reilly's show. Instead, he interviewed former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman, who, as Pirro was scheduled to do, discussed President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A Fox News spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on Pirro's scheduled appearance.

O'Reilly's rep has also not responded to a question about her absence.

Maybe O'Reilly should have called Eric Bolling. 

Just saying.... 

H/T The Hollywood Reporter