Sinclair is Hoping to Create a STIRR


Sinclair is planning to launch a streaming TV service this year that could create a new competitor for Fox News.

BuzzFeed reports that the free streaming app, called STIRR, would house a 24/7 TV channel featuring local news and national programming, according to sources familiar with the project and a trademark application. It would also offer a variety of other live and on-demand programming, from TV shows to movies to sports.

A spokesperson for Sinclair declined to comment.

Fox News has been working on its own offering. The network will release a paid streaming service that will feature exclusive content from Fox personalities like Tomi Lahren.

The forthcoming product is called Fox Nation and expected to launch in the fourth quarter.

No word yet on when Sinclair will launch their app.

Yes soon you will be able to stream Tomi Lahren and Boris Epshteyn right on your phone. And let's be honest, who doesn't want that. 

You know....besides EVERYONE!