Out the Door in Raleigh


Longtime WNCN Anchor Sharon Tazewell is leaving the station March 1.

WNCN News Director Ed Trauschke first announced the departure in an email to staff.

“During her 12 and a half years here at the station, Sharon has covered some of North Carolina’s biggest stories. ... Her anchoring and reporting on stories like the Chapel Hill Student murders, Hurricane Matthew and the recent Confederate statue demonstrations played a key role in our coverage of these important stories.”

So where is Tazewell headed, she hopes to a Top 10 market. 

Check out this tweet she sent out:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.43.42 AM.png

So if you're a station in Phoenix, do not waste your time calling Tazewell. You're market 11 and she is only interested in the Top 10 or network. 

But remember, if you are a Top 10 or network, references are standing by to take your call.