Bay Area Anchor's Son is Mauled by a Dog


KPIX (San Franciso) Anchor Veronica De La Cruz admits she is a total wreck of a mom right now, and you can't really blame her. 

De La Cruz posted to social media that her 4-year-old son was mauled by a dog. 

“Prayers for my son who was mauled by a dog this morning. I’m a total wreck of a mom right now and could use your support. Thank you.”

Her son, Hartley, was attacked Monday by a Catahoula cur, a herding dog that typically weighs between 40 and 90 pounds and can reach up to 2 feet in height.

The dog is owned by a close family friend, and her son has known the dog since he was 2 years old, De La Cruz said in an email to The Chronicle.

Hartley had surgery Monday and may have to undergo another operation Tuesday on his eye, De La Cruz said.

A photo posted on Facebook showed her son’s head and eyes bandaged as he slept on a hospital bed.

“His CT scan was clear, no brain bleed,” De La Cruz wrote on Facebook.