Another Apology from NBC at the Olympics

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The USA has so far won 4 gold medals at the Olympics, which is slightly ahead of apologies made by NBC, who is covering the games. 

First, NBC issued an apology after a comment made by correspondent Joshua Cooper Ramo during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics angered many Korean people.

Now, Katie Couric is saying sorry for pissing off the Dutch. 

Couric has apologized for saying that the Dutch are so successful in speed skating because skates have been used as a form of transportation when canals freeze in the Netherlands.

Her remark during the Olympics' opening ceremony invited some Dutch mockery on social media from people who said the information was outdated. The Netherlands embassy to the United States invited Couric to visit the country to see all of the innovative ways the Dutch get around.

Couric tweeted her apologies for being on thin ice with her comments. The veteran anchor said she was trying to salute the country's historic passion for the sport, but it didn't come out that way.