This is Tegna...

When Tegna bought up KFMB in San Diego it also included a radio station in the sale.

Since Tegna purchased the radio station, you might be surprised to learn that the ratings for the station have dropped.

In the recent ratings, KFMB-FM was 14th in the San Diego radio market with a 2.8 share in the November ratings down sharply from a 3.7 in October.

But, don’t worry, Tegna has rebranded the station with a new format and a new name that is sure to drive radio listeners to the station.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 4.54.58 AM.png

KFMB-FM is now named…..are you ready for this….. 100.7 San Diego!!!

Wow!!!! How long did it take to come up with that powerful name?

I mean, come on!

It takes a genius to put the station’s location on the dial with the location on the city the station is operating in.

Look for 100.7 to rocket up the ratings chart next month, when we are betting that it moves all the way up to 13th.

Sta tuned…