Was It Something we Said?


Last week, FTVLive told you how TV stations made millions upon millions of dollars in 2018, thanks to your hard work and a boatload of political dollars.

We told you how Tegna had decided to give their employees a $500 holiday bonus in their paychecks.

We wrote, “If you are media company and after having a year like 2018 and you are not giving bonuses to your employees? You should be ashamed.”

Well, we’re happy to report that Gray, who just finished their purchase of Raycom has told employees that they are getting $500 bucks as well.

In an email to staff, Gray CEO Hilton Howell writes, “In recognition of your efforts, Gray will pay a special one-time bonus of $500 to each individual employed full-time today by the company (other than myself and the EVPs). We will add this bonus to each such employee’s first regularly scheduled paycheck in 2019.”

Did Gray pony up the bonuses after reading FTVLive? Hmmmmmm?

The folks at Tribune stations got popcorn.