Nexstar Anchor Has His Car Stolen by Kids

WKRN (Nashville) Anchor Josh Breslow got his car stolen in Christmas Day and he said the thieves were 12 year olds on scooters.

Breslow said he was visiting friends when one of them noticed the boys around his car. It happened fast and the boys hopped in the car and drove away.

Josh tried to chase them but was too late.

He says his car was locked, and he had his keys with him, so he's not sure how they got in.

"When I saw them in the car and realized these kids are not older teenagers, these kids have to be 12 at most," said Josh. "You just don't believe it. It almost didn't seem real because I've reported on things like this constantly and to see it happen right in front of me, is just unbelievable."

The boys left Bird Scooters behind. Police told Josh they will check to see who last registered and rented the scooters. They're also taking a look at surveillance video from the area.

Breslow claims that the car was locked and he had the keys.

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to believe that some 12 year olds, can pop the lock and hotwire a car in the matter of seconds while some is watching as it all happens.

It just doesn’t smell right to me.

How about you?