Tongues are Wagging in DC


It seems that FTVLive’s EXCLUSIVE story that that longtime WRC Morning Anchor Angie Goff will be crossing the street to Fox O&O WTTG has been quite a hot topic in the DMV.

Texts messages were flying all over DC as talent were dishing to each other about the FTVLive story.

Management at WTTG stayed tight lipped, but no of them denied the story flat out. Some did question is FTVLive’s story was right?

You would think after all these years of FTVLive breaking the big stories, that there would not be any doubters left.

But, it seems there are still a few.

It should also be pointed out that Goff who is very active of social media did not even mention the FTVLive story at all.

If she is headed to WTTG, she can’t confirm the news do to her contract with WRC. But, if she is not headed to WTTG, she could have easily denied the story yesterday and put an end to the talk.

FTVLive looked at a standard NBC O&O contract yesterday and it states that the company has the right to last refusal for a period of 180 days.

So, that likely means that NBC O&O WRC had that same language in Goff’s contract.

That means, you will have to wait 6 months to see Goff on the air at WTTG.

Also, if any manager from WTTG confirms that Goff is headed to their station, WRC would have the right to match. So, look for WTTG management tap dance around this story for months to come.

The big talk is, what will Goff be doing when she gets to WTTG and will she be replacing someone?

Stay tuned….