More Notes in Atlanta

Since the last story of the Atlanta Anchors passing notes created a such a shit storm inside the WGCL newsroom, FTVLive thought why not share another one?

Sources say WGCL Anchor Thomas Roberts and Sharon Reed to do talk gossip on the set. Word is that when Reed anchored with Roberts predecessor Ben Swann, as they dished dirt from the news set during the commercial breaks, the control room would crank up the audio so others could hear their conversations. So, the anchors took to passing notes and that has continued with Roberts now in the chair.

In this note, the Reed/Roberts talk about how Reporter Giovanna Drpic is leaving the station and is not going to be giving the chance to say goodbye.

Roberts then asks if Reporter turnover at the station is always this high?

If Roberts spent less time passing notes and more time reading FTVLive, he would know the answer to that question.

Not only is Reporter turnover high, it sort of goes for the entire staff.

Here’s another edition of FTVLive” Atlanta Anchor Notes”

More coming soon….