Things Going South in Atlanta

Last week, in a FTVLive Patron Only story we told you how WGCL Anchors Sharon Reed and Thomas Roberts have all but given to talking to each other on set during the commercials.

The two like to talk smack about other employees in the newsroom, but they do it by passing notes back and forth to each other.

We showed you some of those notes and it seems to have struck a nerve in the newsroom. Sources tell FTVLive that Roberts “threw a fit” after reading the FTVLive story and called in sick on Thursday.

On Friday, a number of Producers called in sick as a silent protest as to the anchors talking shit about them.

Sharon Reed seemed to shrug the entire episode off saying “I don’t care” and wondered why Roberts was getting so keyed up about the whole thing?

Needless to say, things are not going well at CBS46 and no one knows who they can trust and who they can’t?

Ahhhh….life in TV news.