Sinclair Urges FCC to Reject Petition


The American Cable Association looked at how Sinclair misled the FCC in their attempt to buy the Tribune stations and they questioned whether Sinclair holds basic character qualifications to continue running Fox and ABC stations in the D.C. area?

The ACA filed a petition with the FCC calling for regulators to do an early license review of the company’s broadcast licenses.

Needless to say, Sinclair is not at all happy with this petition and they are urging the FCC to reject it.

"ACA lacks standing to seek such an extraordinary measure and, in any event, fails to allege any substantial and material question of fact that would constitute a 'serious' or 'compelling' reason to require Sinclair’s D.C., Maryland, and Virginia licensee subsidiaries to file renewal applications for the Stations before they would otherwise be due on June 1, 2020," states an opposition brief filed this week.

Demanding that Sinclair be required to seek an early renewal of licenses, the trade group tells the broadcast regulatory agency, "[W]ere the Commission to determine that Sinclair indeed engaged in misrepresentation and lack of candor with respect to stations not subject to this Petition, it could determine that Sinclair lacks the requisite character to hold FCC licenses."

H/T Hollywood Reporter