That Didn't Last Long


Back in October, FTVLive told you that Nexstar’s KLAS was adding a new primetime newscast on their sub-channel.

We showed you the internal memo that went out to the staff at KLAS from GM Lisa Howfield:

Good Monday Morning everyone….

Another exciting announcement – beginning Wednesday (10/10), 8 News Now will launch another newscast at 9:00 p.m. to air on MeTV! A big thank you going out to our evening news team who will kindly be pitching in to broadcast the only Prime Time newscast in Las Vegas!!!


Now, less than a month later it appears the newscast is already gone. Three days ago, FTVLive told you that the newscast was not airing and was filled with of “Gomer Pyle USMC and “WKRP in Cincinnati” in the timeslot.

A look at the TV schedule shows that Gomer and WKRP now seem to be slotted full time in the place of the newscast.

It appears that Nexstar just put on a newscast for a few weeks to give them more spots to sell ad dollars. It is shameful that a Nexstar would use news filler for the political Ad spots that the company covets.

But that appears to be exactly what they did.

Wonder if they shared all that money they made with the news employees that were basically just used as filler between commercials.