Now It's Wildfires

Yesterday, FTVLive showed you that as all the stations in LA were covering the awful mass shooting, Fox owned KTTV was a asleep at the wheel.

We pointed out how well KABC was doing covering the shooting. KCBS and KNBC also were on top of the story as FoxLA just slept.

Well, today there is more major breaking news in the LA area, with wildfires engulfing many areas. A check of the KABC website shows that they are streaming live coverage (above) of the fires and keeping viewers informed.

We check the feed on The Firm’s KTTV and they were showing a replay of their late newscast.

It is clear that when it comes to news in LA, you have KABC giving you, dare I say it, coverage you can count on and you have KTTV, when news breaks we sleep.

The Firm should look at how badly their LA station is dropping the ball.

Update: After the rerun of their newscast, it seems that KTTV has finally decided to start covering the fires. Guess someone finally lit a fire under them to get to work.