Election Day in America


It is being billed as the most important midterm election in our lifetime. You know….until the next midterm election.

But, what might change tonight is that viewers will actually be tuned in to see the results.

More often than not, local TV stations spend a ton of money and time put into election coverage, only to have almost no one watching.

That will change tonight as people are very interested to see which way our country is headed.

For local stations, it means all hands on deck and many will be sitting around the newsroom with next to nothing to do.

It is the one night that TV stations overstaff their newsrooms and many are left standing around. The other 364 days, the newsroom is understaffed.

This is also the day that you learn that the high priced Anchor can’t ad lib a bit without a teleprompter. Tune into local news and you will see more stumbling and stuttering than a Mel Tillis concert (Google him millennials).

But this is also the day that the News Director will order up a bunch of pizza for all of you working in the newsroom.

Once the pizza is delivered, the people from master control and production will make their once yearly visit to the newsroom to eat the good pizza before you have a chance.

You’ll be stuck eating cold pineapple pizza, because that is all that will be left.

It’s election day and it’s time to get to work.

Here’s hoping you have a good show.

And….if you don’t, feel free to send any clips or screenshots to FTVLive.

You know….after you eat your pizza.