More BS From Boris

Boris Epshteyn’s title with Sinclair is Chief Political Analyst, although it should just read Donald Trump kiss ass.

In his job with Sinclair, Epshteyn has not analyzed a single thing and just spends his time carrying Trump’s water.

Showing that he is nowhere near objective and acting like no other “Chief Political Analyst” that works in TV news, Epshteyn wrote an opinion piece for USA Today that Trump could not have written better for himself.

In the piece, Sinclair’s lapdog promotes nationalism and says, “Some critics and opponents decry the president’s use of the term “nationalist.” That is a waste of time. Being a nationalist is to correctly believe that America is a beacon of freedom and is the greatest country in the world. These are sentiments all Americans should want to get behind.”

When we last looked at the poll that was provided at the bottom of the story, 51% “Strongly Disapprove” of Epshteyn’s message.

But it should be pointed out, Epshteyn only cares about three people. Donald Trump, David Smith and himself.

This guy is a Chief Political Analyst, in name only.