Why is CBS Dragging Their Feet on Rose Investigation?

CBS parted ways with CBS This Morning Anchor Charlie Rose a year ago.

At the time, CBS said that they would launch and investigation and be completely transparent about it.

Here we are a year later and we still no nothing and CBS isn’t talking.

Page Six writes that CBS News staffers are furious that an the investigation into sexual harassment at the network is still ongoing.

Rose was sacked from “CBS This Morning” after it was reported that eight women had accused him of sexual harassment, spanning decades — and multiple networks: PBS also fired him.

“It’s safe to say that everyone within the news division is upset. It’s been a very long year and we want to know what’s going on. No one’s telling us anything,” said a source.

The CBS board hired lawyers to conduct an investigation into the overall culture of the company, and they’ve reportedly spoken to more than 250 people. Because the investigation is being run outside the company, no staffers, no matter how senior, are privy to any details, staffers told us.

Investigators at two law firms are expected to complete their report by year’s end, and the CBS board is to decide on any action no later than Jan. 31.

Despite the upheaval, Gayle King recently said she remains friends with Rose — although she doesn’t anticipate working with him again: “I don’t know what his second act is, but Charlie is a very smart guy. Do I see him coming back to CBS? No.”

No shit Sherlock.