You Guys Did This

Of the thousands of stories that FTVLive did this past year, there was one story that we posted over the Summer that was our favorite.

The story was about dog named Honor that needed a new prosthetic leg. Honor spends her days visiting Vets in the VA hospital and spreading love.

But, the problem was the new leg was going to cost thousands of dollars and Honor's owner did not have the money.

We posted the story and asked if the people working in TV news wanted to pitch in and help?

And help you did!

Of the over $3,000 raised, almost all of it came from people that work in TV news and saw the story on FTVLive and gave money.

Well, on this Thanksgiving Day, we wanted to give you an update on Honor and we turn to KTUL’s (Tulsa) Reporter Maureen Wurtz and Photographer Andrejs Dabars to do just that.

Thanks to all of you that helped out and have a Happy Thanksgiving!