Back in the day (God I sound old saying that) when I was a News Director, I would make a deal with a local hotel help feed the news staff on Thanksgiving Day.

Trying to have food delivered to the newsroom, when some people are still stuck of in the field never seems to work.


So, I would call the local Marriott or Hilton and give them a list of the staff that was working on Thanksgiving. I then told the staff that they could stop when when the time was convenient for them and eat.

The hotels I used often had a Thanksgiving dinner buffet, so it was perfect for TV newsies that needed to get in and out. The other thing I would do, is I told the staff that was working, that they could bring their family to the hotel and that way they could all eat a Thanksgiving dinner together. It wasn’t being like at home, but at least they could enjoy part of the holiday together.

Sure it cost a few more bucks, but in the end it was worth it to take care of the people that help put on the news.

Fast forward to 2018 and it seems that some newsrooms are still going with the old pizza in the newsroom bit.

This is the internal memo sent to the staff at Spectrum News in Raleigh.

Sadly, some of those on staff are still digesting their election night pizza.

Happy Thanksgiving and pass me a slice of pepperoni.

Note: An earlier version of this story misidentified the station as a Nexstar station. It is not, it’s Spectrum News. No word if the Nexstar station served their staff anything for the holiday.