Local TV station owner Hearst had a study commissioned that says that people trust local news the most.

Market research firm SmithGeiger did the study for Hearst and says 81% percent of 18-49-year-old video consumers are using local TV news at least once a week on at least one platform.

63% percent get news and information from a local TV station’s local news program on TV at least once a week, while 49% watch on TV every day.

The study says that 69% of ages 18-24 and 74% of ages 25-49, trust at least one local TV news brand in their market.

Now, I am alway leery of studies that are paid for by the people that have much to gain if the study paints them in a positive light. Sort of like when the tobacco industry funded studies that showed that cigarette smoking is not that bad for you.

Also, I don’t know a single 18 year old kid that watches local news. In fact, looking at the 18 to 24 year olds I know, most of them don’t watch TV at all and spend most video watching on YouTube or Netflix.

But hey, maybe the kids I know just aren’t hip enough to be watching local TV news?