Sinclair Signs on with Right Wing Pollster


These two will fit together like a glove.

Sinclair announced that they have entered into a partnership with pollster Scott Rasmussen.

Rasmussen producers online polls and often skew towards the right. For example, President Trump’s highest approval ratings almost always come in the Rasmussen polls.

"The Sinclair family is thrilled to launch this partnership with Scott Rasmussen, as he will undoubtedly be an important addition to the team, providing valuable analytical information to our viewers," said Scott Livingston, Sinclair's Senior Vice President for News. "We believe that impactful, fair journalism is crucial, and our top priority is always to report on hard-hitting stories that explore the 'how' and 'why' and we are confident that Scott will help propel this mission."

We’ll just have to see how “fair” the Journalism really is?

Just saying….