Howie Kurtz: CNN's Lawsuit is a PR Stunt

While Fox News came out in support of the first amendment in backing CNN’s lawsuit against the Trump White House, Fox News media critic Howie Kurtz sees it a different way.

Kurtz who spends most of his time with his lips planted on Donald Trump’s ass went against his network and said that CNN’s lawsuit is basically just a PR stunt.

FTVLive is no Jim Acosta fan and quite frankly we think the only thing that Jim Acosta only cares about Jim Acosta. But, the idea that the President and the White House can pick and choose who covers them is wrong.

I’m not sure that Acosta adds much to CNN’s coverage as he is more interested in making the story about him. That being said, if CNN wants him as their person at the White House, then he should be at the White House.

“I think this suit is more of a PR effort than a legal one. I don’t know that we’re going to get a profound ruling out of this,” Kurtz said.

No Howie this lawsuit is an effort to protect the 1st amendment and not let your boy Trump decide who gets to cover him.

Here’s Kurtz getting it all wrong in an effort to suck up to Trump and the Fox News faithful: