Fox News Host is Canceling Radio Show

Fox News actress Laura Ingraham will stop spewing her hate on the radio and move it over to a podcast.

after 17 years doing a radio show, Ingraham says she will end daily talk show at the end of the year while launching a new daily podcast through PodcastOne.

Ingraham says that the toll of hosting her nightly Fox News Channel program on top of the radio show and raising three children took a toll.

“While hosting a prime-time television show and raising three children on my own, continuing a three-hour morning radio show was no longer feasible,” Ingraham said wistfully. “Although I will greatly miss my radio listeners and affiliates, working late nights and early mornings has taken a toll on my family life. Plus, my radio audience is smart, savvy and committed, and I know most will follow my new show in the format that is revolutionizing the audio world–digital podcasting.”

I’ll leave that “smart, savvy” comment alone.