Don Lemon Calls Out his Own Network

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CNN actor Don Lemon is calling out his own network after they blurred the faces of a group of Wisconsin high school students who performed Nazi salutes in a picture that has gone viral.

The students were old enough to understand their actions and take responsibility for the offense they had caused, he said.

Discussing CNN’s coverage of the scandal with fellow host Chris Cuomo, Lemon asked why the network had chosen to obscure the faces of the students. “A lot of them are minors,” Cuomo said.” But Lemon answered: “They put it on social media for everyone to see.”

“I’ve gone back and forth about this all day,” Lemon continued. “I know how I feel about what they did. I’m just waiting for the excuse, for people to start saying, 'Oh why ruin all these kids’ lives and whatever?’ Well they did it to themselves.

Hate to say it, but we agree with Lemon on this one.

H/T Newsweek