CNN Losing to the Hallmark Channel

During election week the ratings for cable news made a big jump. Fox News topped all of cable in both total day and primetime according to Nielsen.

MSNBC also had a very strong week.

But, during election week, CNN could not pass FNC or MSNBC, in fact, they were still behind the Hallmark channel on a very busy news week.

How Jeff Zucker still has a job is one of the great questions in this universe.

Here’s a look at who finished the week where:

Basic Cable Top 5 – Primetime (P2+)

1. FNC (3,356,000)

2. ESPN (3,035,000)

3. MSNBC (2,373,000)

4. HALLMARK (2,045,000)

5. CNN (1,710,000)

Basic Cable Top 5 – Total Day (P2+)

1. FNC (1,868,000)

2. MSNBC (1,265,000)

3. HALLMARK (1,096,000)

4. ESPN (1,014,000)

5. CNN (1,011,000)