Out the Door in Atlanta

It appears that this Tegna experiment failed and now the station and Anchor are parting ways.

WXIA in Atlanta hired former prosecutor and HLN host Vinnie Politan in 2014 to host a revamped morning show called “Atlanta Alive.”

He was then moved to a special 11 p.m. news program called the “Late Feed” last year, which tried to shake up the genre with a panel discussion, fewer stories and an urgent, high-energy tone.

He was the lead anchor on the show, but as time went on he was pushed further and further into the background.

Now he’s leaving the station to……say it with me…..spend more time with his family.

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Politan said he is leaving voluntarily and noted he is tired of the late hours and not seeing his 15-year-old son much on work days.

Which begs the question, what 15 year old teenager wants to see their parents more often?

“I’ve had a good time at 11Alive,” Politan said, grateful for their efforts to innovate.

“The Late Feed” has been a ratings bust.

Politan says he is going to take a couple of months to rest up before seeking a new job. He said he loves TV and would like to continue in some capacity. His agent recently retired and he will seek another one.

H/T Randy Ho at the Atlanta Journal Constitution