It's Not Funny...

FTVLive FIRST told you that Tegna’s WUSA in DC had hired a comedian to anchor their 6AM newscast.

Sadly the the comedian is not a new anchor and he’s not funny either.

Reese Waters maybe funny doing stand up, but the guy is a complete dud on the news. Yesterday, he dressed in a Halloween costume for the entire show.

Nothing like having a not funny comedian dressed in a Coming to America costume telling you about a homicide.

I know Tegna is trying a new approach to news, but trust us, this one is not working.

FTVLive’s track record for predicting failures is 100% (just ask NBC about Megyn Kelly and how we nailed this one to almost the day) and we’re telling you this is not working.

Tegna needs to cut their losses and move on. Just ask the DC viewers and they will tell you this show is going nowhere fast.