Is Cleveland station a Mini 30 Rock?


Back in August, FTVLIve told you that Tegna’s WKYC hired Adam Miller as News Director….. errrrrrr…. 'Content Director' at the station.

Miller came to Cleveland from his Producer job at NBC’s Today Show.

“I guess you could say I’m looking at Channel 3 (WKYC) as a mini 30 Rock,” Miller said.

Let’s see, you had Matt Lauer fired, Megyn Kelly fired, Billy Bush fired and all kinds of drama and changes.

I’m thinking that might be a comparison that the staff at WKYC is not real fond of.

Miller’s plans for the November book?

WKYC’s 70th anniversary, which is Oct. 31, but he doesn’t plan to limit the celebration to one day. Instead, he’s using the whole month of November to celebrate WKYC’s history with a few cameos from past WKYC members among other celebratory segments.

Oh boy!

H/T Cleveland Jewish News