Bye, Felicia


Megyn Kelly is done at Today just as FTVLive said would happen.

When NBC hired Kelly two years ago from Fox News, FTVLive said that it would be a failure and we said, “It will fail and most likely NBC will pull the plug after 2 years.”

We missed by just two months. Kelly didn’t quite make it two years and NBC has finally admitted that Megyn Kelly was a mistake, but pulling the plug on her morning show.

NBC sources tell FTVLIve that people that were working on Kelly’s Today Show are being told they still have a job and will bE reassigned..

“Many people here are giving each other high fives behind closed doors,” one NBC staffer told FTVLive on the news that Kelly was canceled.

Kelly was never really liked at the Today Show and insiders said that she really never tried to be liked. “She always acted if she was bigger or better than anyone else,” an insider told FTVLive.

Sources say Kelly is furious and say you can expect she will lash out at NBC just like she did with Fox News.

You can bet that Megyn Kelly will play the victim on this.

It is the only role she truly was ever good at.

Stay tuned…