Ummmm.... That's Not Right

The other day, KOKI News Director Tina Commodore called out FTVLive for saying that we should have checked the facts better before covering the story of their news car parked in not 1, but 3 handicap spots.

“You should do your due diligence, like I do before covering a story,” Commodore said to FTVLIve on a phone call.

So, we are wondering, where was the “due diligence” when the Cox owned station posted this live stream on their social media with the arrival of Vice President Pence to Tulsa?


Problem was, the live picture they were streaming was not from Tulsa. The video was of Marine One, which President Trump was on.

Pence was still in the air on his way to Tulsa, while KOKI was streaming the wrong video.

Suddenly, the KOKI stream disappeared and was scrubbed from their Facebook page like it never happened.

Oh, but it did.