Tulsa News Director Tries Schooling FTVLive


On Monday, FTVLive showed you a news car from Cox owned KOKI in Tulsa that was parked in not one, or two, but three handicap parking spots.

After we posted the story, we got an email KOKI News Director Tina Commodore:

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 4.32.51 AM.png

First off, my name is Scott and not Steve.

As for the news vehicle “which appears to be parked in a handicap parking space”? Unless David Copperfield is pulling off some trick, I think it is parked in 3 handicap parking spaces and does not “appear to be.”

I called Commodore and told her that it was SCOTT Jones from FTVLive calling her as she asked. She then proceeded to call me STEVE two more times and I told her my name was Scott.

Commodore says that she talked to the person that was driving the truck and the athletic director at the school. She said that the truck was not parked in the handicap parking, that the station employee was just getting out of the truck to move some cones so he could drive onto the field.

She said he was parked (not parked) in the spots for less than a minute. We told her that we were told it was longer than a minute. “Two minutes, three minutes whatever…” Commodore replied.

One person tells FTVLive it was much longer than that.

We tried to explain to Commodore that it is all about perception.

If a viewer drove or walked by in the one, two or three minutes (others say longer) that the news car was taking up 3 handicap spots, what they saw was a station news vehicle blocking the spots for the disabled.

Commodore did not buy into our perception premise and did not seem to get what we were trying to say.

Looking at the picture above, it appears there where a number of places this guy could have put the truck while he was “moving the cones.” Why park it right in the handicap spots?

Commodore told us that we should have checked our facts before reporting this story.

Then, before hanging up the phone she called us “Steve” one more time.

I don’t know about you, but I find it a bit odd that a News Director is trying to school me on facts and yet, she can’t even get my name right.

Anyway, the KOKI news car was or was not parked in the handicap spot, depending on who you talk to.

Ok Steve?