Throwback Thursday in Tulsa


FTVLive showed you that a news vehicle from Cox owned KOKI was parked across 3 handicap spots in Tulsa.

KOKI News Director Tina Commodore contacted FTVLive to say that the car only “appeared” to be parked there (You know, stopped with no one in the vehicle) but that was not the case.

Commodore said that the car was stopped while the driver got out and moved some cones.

Either way, it seems that according to a story that KOKI posted on their website back in 2012, that the driver did what he is not supposed to.

In KOKI’s story they talk about people that just park in the handicap spot for just a minute are still breaking the law.

“That quick minute will cost you $150,” said Cpl. Brian Collum to KOKI.

Another driver that the station talked to in 2012, had this to say, "They have no respect for nobody. Not even for themselves when they do stuff like that,” said handicap driver Jessie Hendrickson.

Looks like this is a story of do what we say and not as we do.

Instead of trying to make excuses as to why your news vehicle was parked across 3 handicap spaces, why not just say, you know, this was not a good look for the station, the driver should have stopped somewhere else and we will make sure that this problem will not happen again?

That’s the advice from Steve but, then gain what the hell does Steve know?