Juan Williams: Fox News and the White House are Joined at the Hip

Most people know this, but it is still a bit strange for a Fox News staffer to admit it.

Fox News host Juan Williams said there is no real separation between President Trump’s White House and the Fox News Channel.

In an interview with Hill.TV, Williams, a co-host of the Fox News show “The Five,” scoffed at the idea that the public could separate where the network ends ended and the Trump administration begins.

Hill.TV host Krystal Ball pressed Williams on his network calling the “lines between Fox News and this White House blurry at best.”

“Blurry?” Williams interjected. “I think they’re joined at ... ” he responded as Ball interrupted his thought, finishing Williams's sentence by adding, “They are joined at the hip.”

Williams agreed with the assertion.

See! Some people at Fox News are honest.

H/T The Hill